SAH Latrobe Chapter Student Annual Meeting Fellowship Report

posted Sep 16, 2014, 6:07 PM by Bill Marzella
Katherine Miller 
Latrobe Chapter, Society of Architectural Historians 
2014 Annual Meeting Fellowship 
Austin, TX

It was a privilege to receive the Latrobe chapter’s Graduate Student Annual Meeting Fellowship this year. The fellowship allowed me to present my dissertation topic in Austin during the Graduate Student Lightening Round Talks. With only five minutes to present my entire project, I spent the spring semester practicing my talk to make sure that my ideas were conveyed clearly and succinctly. My presentation was a success, and it felt great to know I had Jamie Jacobs and other Latrobe Chapter members cheering me on in the audience.

Participating the Lightning Round Talks was especially helpful because they created an impromptu network of current graduate students at the conference. Over the weekend I learned about the types of dissertation projects other students are working on at different schools across the nation. I took the feedback I received from my Lightning Round Talk and used it to help hone my introductory chapters and my methodological framework. In the end, I believe that the conversations I had with other young scholars—about their topics and my topic—made a bigger impression on my work than the actual presentation.

I had an incredibly positive experience in Austin and hope that I can return to the SAH conference next year in Chicago and present a portion of my dissertation in a regular panel. I believe that my work will be improved by constantly seeking out conferences and symposium to present my ideas and discuss them with other scholars.