The Latrobe Chapter benefits from a diverse and energetic board of directors drawing from the professional and academic communities of the National Capital Region. Our board members may serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. Our current slate of officers and board members is listed below.

Board Members

Anne Brockett - 2017-18 (1st term)
Phil Jacks - 2015-18 (2nd term)
Richard Longstreth - 2018 (1st term)
Bill Marzella - 2013-18 (3rd term)
Publicity, Website, & Facebook Coordinator
Lauren McHale - 2014-18 (3rd term)
Elizabeth Milnarik - 2011-18 (Ex Officio)
Stephanie Rufino - 2016-18 (2nd term)
John Sandor - Ex Officio
Lee Webb - 2018 (1st term)

Chapter Officers

President - Lauren McHale
Treasurer - John Sandor
Membership Secretary - Stephanie Rufino
Recording Secretary - Phil Jacks
Past President - Elizabeth Milnarik