Over the past two decades, the Latrobe Chapter has hosted over a dozen biennial symposia, typically with one day of paper sessions and day of related tours centered on a specific theme in the historic development of metropolitan Washington, DC. Past symposia have welcomed scholars from across the country to deliver papers on such diverse themes as John Joseph Earley, Mid-Century Modernism, and Wartime Washington.

In 2019, the Latrobe Chapter initiated a campaign to digitize and make available materials from its past biennial symposia. If you have any materials from past symposia you would like to share, please send them in Adobe PDF format to info@latrobechaptersah.org. Selected materials from 1997 to 2013 have been posted below. Enjoy!

1994 - Beyond the Mall

1997 - Who Built Washington?

1999 - The French Connection

2001 - John Joseph Earley

2003 - Mid-Century Modern

2005 - Washington Builds for War

2007 - Building Spiritual Washington

2009 - Washington on the Move

2011 - Washington’s Public Spaces

2013 - Campus & Complex

2015 - Art in Architecture, Architecture in Art

2017 - City & Capital: Washington as Home & Symbol